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Surveys in the market place

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There have been major advancements in the technology sector such that surveys are now done on the online platforms like Inboxdollars is a get paid to website. The field of the survey has become more scientific and led to more enhanced ways of data collection in the field. Today researchers’ use questionnaire design methods and computerized forms of analyzing data. Despite the major advances in the technology sector, there are still instances of threats that remain a challenge in society. These are limited online databases, low response rates, mistrust on the length of survey and privacy issues.

There are dozens of research companies that are recruiting new members on a daily basis across the world. They rely on the individuals who browse the internet one time to offer their opinions on a certain topic. Even so, there are others that are legit and online surveys that pay at the end of the survey while others are for con men who con people and even steal from them or fail to pay completely once the survey is done.

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The pros of using online surveys

1) It is faster. Online survey projects are faster compared to the traditional research methods that were used before. This is because the information collected is done automatically through the computer software. You do have to wait for a longer period for your survey papers o be brought back. The response time is almost immediate. Online marketers say that any research project posted will receive more responses within three days of posting. This is an indication that the process is faster.

2) It is cheap. Use of online questionnaires minimizes your cost of research. You will save a lot of money since the work you post for research does not involve travel costs or other costs like the traditional survey. Responses are given automatically and the researcher can access them at any time.

3) Very accurate. Online research is rated is one of the accurate research methods. It is very rare to report errors because the respondents enter data directly on the system.

4) It is easy to do an analysis of the data. The results from the online survey can be analyzed easily and accordingly at any given time. You can view the results and how responses are coming and begin predicting the outcome results. Alternatively, you can use other software’s to categorize your data and analyze them accordingly as they flow in.

5) It’s easy to use. Respondents can fill in data easily without complications. Majority of individuals are connected to the internet and this makes the survey online research easier to use. There are other options where short message service is used and the answers are usually shorter or it could be a yes and no option which will make it quite easy to respond.

6) Honest responses. Researchers have realized that online surveys offer more honest responses compared to direct interviews and questionnaires.

7) Flexible. The order of questions can be changed at any time while others allow you to skip certain questions based on the previous question. It is quite flexible and convenient.

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Potential weaknesses of online surveys.

1) The wrong perception that they are junk mail or spam. Many internet inboxdollars users perceive the surveys to be junk mail or rather a spam and so avoid it at all cost.

2) Internet access varies from one country to another and so potential responses may not be the real picture of the entire population.

3) Concern on the sample selection methods used to conduct research. Sometimes the surveys are sent through blanket emailing which is very unprofessional.

4) Respondents lack experience on how to answer online surveys. The internet protocols and how to respond to certain surveys is quite difficult.

5) Privacy and security issues. The privacy of respondents is a major concern and this will affect the outcome data given on the final count. InBoxDollars | Steath Secrets

6) The response rate may be low. Sometimes a survey posted may achieve fewer results depending on the nature of the research.

Most of the online surveys are too long yet they pay very little at the end of the survey. In some other cases, a survey may take up to one month for another one to be rolled out which may be paying $5 to complete it. It is quite tricky and is not recommended for making money. However, it is best for those who have other types of work then they attach this as a part-time job.